Personalised Engraved Wooden Stool


Personalised Engraved Wooden Stool



If you are looking for a truly unique gift, our personalised wooden stools are made to order with the engraved wording of your choice.

They are solidly made and engraved in the UK by skilled craftspeople, and just the right size for little ones to sit on.

They make a lovely gift that is sure to be treasured for years to come, as even after the child grows up, a solid wooden stool is always a handy little piece of furniture to have in the home.

The stool can be personalised with one or two names on the top of the stool, for example, Henry, or Charlotte Rose.

You can also choose to have an inscription and/or a date underneath the stool if you wish. The most popular requests for the underneath of the stool are:
– just a date, for example, 17 September 2012
– or wording and a date, for example, Born 23 October 2012,
or, Christened 8 November 2012.

With dates, the usual format is the number written in numerics eg. 24 (without a ‘th’ or a ‘st’), the month written as a word eg. July, and the year written fully in numerics eg. 2012.

We have also had customers request inscriptions such as ‘Love Grandma and Grandpa’, or  ‘First Christmas 2012’.
Obviously there is limited space on the underside of a stool, so please try to avoid making your request too long. If the workshop think that they will struggle to fit on your request, we shall contact you to try and sort out a possible alternative that will fit.

The stools are made from solid wood and are very sturdy. They are usually finished in an Antique Pine coloured stain, or in a Medium Oak coloured stain if you want a darker look, and then varnished for durability. Alternatively, they can be left unstained but varnished for a very pale look, or else left completely natural, ie. unstained and unvarnished if perhaps you are wanting to paint it. (Please note that the varnish finish does offer an element of protection and durability to the stool, which is why a varnish finish is the most popular choice.)
Each stool has a little engraved spider design on one of the legs which is the special makers mark of the workshop in which it is made. We are proud to support British manufacturers and craftspeople and have been working with the same trusted workshop for six years.

The measurements of the top of the stools is approximately 30cm x 21cm at the widest point. The height is approximately 19cm
Each stool is made from a natural piece of wood with its own unique character and grain. Whilst the shape and design of the stool is as illustrated, the exact finished appearance of the stool will vary according to the character of the wood and how it takes the stain. They may differ slightly in shade and wood grain appearance, or contain ‘knots’ or slight indentations. This should not be considered a fault, but rather as a unique characteristic of a beautiful natural material.  As such, we cannot accept goods to be damaged or faulty if the perceived defect is simply a natural characteristic of the wood.

This is a piece of wooden furniture. It is not safety tested as a toy.


Please note: Any made-to-order, personalised item or special order item, once it has been commissioned, shall not be elligible for an exchange, or refund, unless it is faulty, damaged or incorrect as a result of an error made by ourselves. See our returns policy for further details. You are therefore advised to take extra care when specifying names, dates, spellings, colours, sizes, details etc. with any personalised or special order items. Please make sure to either email ( call Ringinglow Toys (07767756734) (to inform us about  the text on the top of the stool and the text on the underside of the  stool . Also your name , address and telephone number . 

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