Build And Drive Truck


Build And Drive Truck


Since their beginning, dumper trucks have become an essential part of construction equipment, and are a much loved and useful vehicle.  This build and drive bulldozer means you cam create your very own masterpiece by  simply slotting the FSC wooden pieces in together. The kit doesn’t require any glue or tools which means that mess is minimised.

Detailed step by step instructions are provided to allow children to assemble this bulldozer with adult supervision, improving hand-eye coordination and building development in everyone. When completed, this truck has left/right, forward/back movement and sound and is a joy to play with, and can even be painted once assembled. Approximate construction time is 60 minutes. The box contains: 1 wooden truck model, 1 pack of batteries, 2 motors and plastic fixings

Age: 8 years +

Manufacturer: The Green Board Game Co.

L: 32 cm W: 6 cm H: 23 cm


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Weight 1.1 kg